In honor of our friend Robby…

Michael Buble being stalked by a raptor.

"Clever Girl"...RAAWRRRWRRW!!!

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I ♥ NY.



Vodpod videos no longer available.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope that you all have some things to be thankful for. We certainly do.

Enjoy the original Martha Graham ballet, as filmed in 1959. The whole thing is definitely worth watching, but this is the part you want.

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Here It Is…

…your moment of Zen:


...and back.

I particularly like the text above the FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: “WARNING!  Not to be listened to while driving!”

UPDATE from the manufacturer’s product description, as seen on

“Testimonials prove that Bedtime Beats works!  This 2 CD set is an effective and affordable alternative to medication and has been specially sequenced and mastered to deliver a highly tranquil experience for all ages.  It has been programmed in accordance with the Case Western Reserve University study, which discovered that listening to soothing jazz music with a tempo of 60-80 beats per minute induces sleep.”

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Happy Birthday, Matt!

matt-rubinTrumpeter, composer, jazz iconoclast–Matt Rubin is many things to many people.  Use the comment thread to let him know what he means to you.

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An Invitation.

Speak up!

It has come to our attention that there are a number of people who read this blog regularly, but rarely/never comment. Consider this your invitation to speak up! Make yourselves heard! Starting a conversation is one of the reasons we founded this blog in the first place.

We’re looking at you, USC folks.

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Happy 4th, Everybody.

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This is my happening, and it freaks me out!

Hello internet. Allow us to introduce ourselves. Our names are Vikram and Matt. We play music, against our better judgement.

Though mindful of Art Blakey’s admonition that “talking about music is like dancing about architecture,” we nonetheless find ourselves doing just that in diners and cafes throughout Los Angeles. Sometimes, people look over and smile. We’ve decided that starting a blog is easier than learning not to interrupt each other.

We think reasonable people can disagree, though occasionally they bore us. We think unreasonable people are wasting their time, though occasionally we admire them.

The religious aside, we don’t trust people who don’t like bacon.

Things this blog will be about: Music, Politics, Media, Food, Joy and Laughter, Darkness and Jazz Education…

Things this blog will not be about: …your mom?

We love you. And your mom.

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