Wait For The Here And After.

find out what you need to know

plant the thought and watch it grow

life moves fast, but take it slow

steady as you go

and if you’re patient enough, a day may come

full of relief and laughter

forcing your way does not always pay

wait for the here and after

tie your shoes and check them twice

brave the dark and fragile ice

carefully as loaded dice

crawl to paradise

and if your number is called, you’ll see your name

up on a lonely rafter

fortune and fame are boring and lame

wait for the here and after

now is an outlook that’s murky

now is an undercooked turkey

defrosting itself on your plate

i myself would prefer to run late

make a promise you can keep

though your eyes may swell and weep

sow a seed and go to sleep

dream of what you’ll reap

and if it never appears, keep wading through

half full of fear and half sure

set yourself free from all you can’t be

wait for the here and after

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