All That Days Do Not Disclose.

it might have been a mistake, but i made it for your sake

we took a walk on a lake like the ice would never break

and though it seems to be holding, one never knows

what is unfolding under all that days do not disclose

love is a dream that you share, a sensation in the air

it catches you unaware, laying false assumptions bare

so hide your face if you want to

there is no place you can run to

trust me, i should know

i wouldn’t say that it’s wrong to keep stringing me along

i’m just a note in your song, one more person in the throng

and though it’s strange to be singing, i’ll strike the pose

a herald bringing news of all that days do not disclose

i’m going out for the cause, a recruit wrapped up in gauze

but something’s giving me pause on the lonely road to Oz

and though the emerald city smells like a rose

behind those pretty walls is all that days do not disclose

between the facts that you see and impossibility

there is a wide open sea where a sailor can be free

go out and roam in the riot

or find a home and be quiet

call it, heads or tails

one day i’ll finally learn if i get to have my turn

if i’m the fires that burn or the ashes in the urn

and though the sunlight is shining, a sad wind blows

a chorus pining on for all that days do not disclose

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