You’ll Live Forever (On The Internet).

if you’re scared of dying, then i’ve got good news

a fresh prescription for your age-old blues

even if i’m lying, whatcha got to lose?

i’ll make an offer you cannot refuse

if you’re suffering and huff and puffering

and your life is like a clip always buffering

immortality is a banality

in the virtual reality

with all the secrets you gave up for free

and all the epic fails you have to see

and all the things you’d pay your neighbors to forget

you’ll live forever on the internet

if you’re feeling lonely, there’s a match for you

relationships and random hookups too

find your one and only, or just swipe on through

and look up facts you always thought you knew

add a smattering of people chattering

some are vicious as can be, some are flattering

they will stupefy you ’til you’re superfly

on the information superhigh

with all the crazy deals on odds and ends

and all the updates from your high school friends

and all the sketchy plans to help you pay your debt

you’ll live forever on the internet

data driven analysis

will reverse your paralysis

you look at me like it’s sci-fi

but all you need is some wi-fi

with every book by every know-it-all

and every movie version of the fall

and all the shrinks who haven’t cracked the riddle yet

you’ll live forever on the internet

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