Nothing Is Free.

fill the air with streamers,

ticker tape and noise

bobble-headed dreamers

clinging to their toys

are filling up the sidewalks just to see

if the rumors are true

or could it be that nothing is free

make a little supper

for your better half

take another upper

have yourself a laugh

for every time you thought that you could flee

from your mom and your dad

now you agree that nothing is free

but it isn’t so bad, if you think about it

get your pen and pad if you start to doubt it

draw a sketch of a man in a perfect bubble

toss it into the can with the other rubble

teach your children sharing

how to be polite

add a touch of daring

show them wrong from right

and if they start to think there is no fee

make a point to remind them patiently

that nothing is free

if you let yourself blink, you could miss your station

when you feel your heart sink, it’s an education

but the things that you learn aren’t always clever

and the things that you earn never last forever

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