I And You.

i love you more than understanding

so i won’t ask when we are landing

we’ll go on flying

not really trying to

i and you

in stormy weather we’ll go sailing

and when the winds of change are wailing

though we’ll be frightened

we’ll be enlightened too

i and you

my dove went searching for sand

but he returned to my hand

we’ll huddle close around the fire

and when it dies we will retire

just me and my love

dreaming a sky of blue

i and you

and if it’s foolish

then let’s be foolish

and when the dawn of day is breaking

we’ll think of starlight as we’re waking

our engine’s idle

we’ll slowly sidle through

i and you

black cats are gathering before us

will they give chase or just ignore us

we’re two-bit pirates

i can’t deny it’s true

i and you

our sunken treasure is time

our battered boat is sublime

when we have tamed the ocean’s rancor

we’ll give a cheer and drop our anchor

we’ll sing on dry land

a song so high and new

i and you

the things that i do

are done by i and you

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