My Latest Obsession: Erlend Øye

I suppose this could also fit into my “Great Lyrics from Underappreciated Songs” category:

“Every party’s got a winner and a loser.
I’m jumping out of the game,
by being a referee.”

If never heard a lyric express that particular sentiment before. The whole lyrical idea of the song – the detached and humorous observation of a party – is a new one, as far as I know.  Too often, songs harp on the same worn-out themes of love (lost or true), sex (past or future), and dancing (getting down or, occasionally, getting up).  While there are certainly many valuable artistic statements left to be made by traveling these well-worn trails, I appreciate a song that strikes out on on its own path.  It’s refreshing.

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  1. So it’s a great song, but there’s a lyric about “One jew that no one invited” in the last stanza that came as a surprise. What do you think that’s about?

    • I figured it was just a funny image, since it comes in the middle of a description of the characters at the party. I’m gonna assume Øye is not an anti-semite. But you never know with those damn Norwegians.

      Additionally, you might be interested to know that he sang vocals on a couple tracks from Röyksopp’s debut album.

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