Thoughts on “We Are The World”

1.  No matter how many times I watch it, I’m always surprised to see Dan Aykroyd up there next to Harry Belafonte.

2. How great is Bob Dylan’s delivery? Quincy asked him to half-sing, half-speak the lyrics, and he brings his own unique “sprechstimme” to it.

“There’s a CHOICE we’re maKING, we’re SAVing our own LIVes,
it’s TRUE we make a BETter DAY, just YOU and ME…”

3. It’s crazy long for a pop single.  The video runs over 7 minutes, and the celebrity choir doesn’t appear until 3:08.

4. While some of the singers have dropped off the scene (Kenny Loggins?  Kim Carnes?), the overdub solos at the end sure hold up:  Dylan, Ray Charles, Stevie, Bruce… James Ingram?  Hmm.

5. One complaint: The lyrics are pretty weak.  They opted for “There’s a choice we’re making, we’re saving our own lives, it’s true, we’ll make a better day, just you and me.”  Had they made that “you and I,” it would have at least been close to a rhyme.

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  1. You should take a look at the “Liberian Girl” video. It’s like 1980s pop culture exploded.

    • Wow, that’s a really weird video…I guess MJ had that kind of clout for a while. He could just call up anyone he wanted, say “I’m making a video,” and they were there. I don’t know if anyone has that power now; perhaps our popular culture is too fragmented for that kind of total domination.

      • We live in a Liberian world, and I am a Liberian girl.

  2. kenny loggins lives on in my heart. and also, you know, in the world… er…

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